Art and Craft

Background: Raw materials, the manufacturing process, Quartz, additional watch features, quality control.

Custom made X® dial (Agent X LOGO) is a code in all of the Agent X® collection.

Fine leather strap and stainless steel is suitable for any position during the operation.

The custom made X® dial is a code for all Agent X® watches, on the surface diameter 40mm, beveling and hand polished over several stages to finish a beautiful masterpiece.

Agent X® Hands

There are numerous details in creating a fine watch. When we change one detail we end up changing the details on five technical drawings. Everything is developed in metric and we deal in hundredths of a millimeter. One hundredth of a millimeter is four ten thousands of an inch and that is an everyday measurement that we work with in our studio while making the watch cases.

Creating a new Agent X® watch takes literally 50 of steps.

Every new model requires one to two years from concept to delivery.

Miyota Quartz Movement

Miyota, as one of the largest movement manufacturing company that is used by many watch makers. CITIZEN WATCH CO., LTD announced that it has already switched to mercury free batteries for all of quartz watch movement at the end of 2008.

A battery powers most quartz-movement watches, which can last years.

Shock Resistance

In general, a quartz watch has a slight edge on shock resistance over the mechanical, main plate; train Wheel Bridge and other basic parts are made of METAL which can achieve the strongest construction & superiority against shocks.

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