Agent Story

A slim build man with good-looking face and cold eyes silently hid in the darkness, after successive shots of pistol, he take away the black bag from dead body and go, left nothing but a gust of wind. But when he dressed up and appeared in a social dinner party, his gentle way and charming smile attracted ladies look back. Tough on the mission and g entle enough in ordinary life, agent was known by this quality and praised by people from mouth to mouth. The fatal pistol and charming rose in his hand are the two best thing to represent a mature and attractive man just like him. This two sides of male assertiveness is the inspiration of our brand.

In order to deliver this idea and concept, as well as build a new brand in the men’s fashion watch industry,we decided to build a brand named AGENT.X® in 2010. AGENT.X® mainly has two series, Le Charme Fatal and La Vitesse Fatale.

AGENT.X® watch is simply defines in Glamorous and sophisticated. It has one thing in common, and that is always drawing inspiration from the brand culture, charisma these abstract ideas through the re-interpretation of art and craft, design, creative, influence people.

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